SEO by Yoast Plugin: On Page SEO for WordPress Divi website in 2021

As we know, Yoast is the most popular SEO plugin for WordPress On-page optimization.

How SEO by Yoast plugin impacts google ranking?

It is a WordPress On-page optimization plugin. Yoast has 5+ million active installations and 27,355 five-star reviews. Therefore, It works like an on-page SEO glossary. On-page optimization is the pillar of the ranking of a keyword. You can optimize all aspects of the website using this one.

Now you think, what is on-page optimization?

On-page SEO means make changes within a web page to rank on the search engine. SEO on-page factors content, title, meta description, image, and links.

How to install Yoast on a WordPress website?

Go to WordPress Dashboard click on the button plugin. Then click on the button add new. Now you are on the wordpress plugin page. See the top-left search bar here, write the word Yoast and hit enter. After getting the result click the install button.

Yoast SEO

Now, it is a big question how to SEO by Yoast Plugin: On-Page SEO for WordPress Divi website?

Super simple work goes to Yoast dashboard and sees the 9steps to configure.

1 step: Website condition

Here appear two options 

One: request a search engine crawler to index websites for old websites.

Two: select the under construction button for the new website.

You can select an option regarding your website conditions.

2 step: Website type selection

What type of content your website contain.


An online shop

A news channel

A small offline business

A corporation

A portfolio

or others

You must select an option regarding website content.

3 Step: Types of business

In these steps, you select the business type and set other information.

4 Step: Stepup technical SEO basic

Here, some indexing options. You select those to index or not to index.

5 step: Your website Author or editor setup 

Your website has multiple authors. You’ll choose yes and if it is not. You can select no.

6 step: Write an eye-catching title

In this step, You must set up a title for your website and a separator.

7 Step: Signup for the Yoast SEO guideline newsletter

You can sign up for Yoast SEO newsletters.  

8 Step: 

Here, you can see some videos tutorial about on-page Yoast optimization.

9 step: 

It comes at the End success and close.

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SEO by Yoast Plugin

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